vrijdag 25 februari 2011

A lot of news!

It is about time that i update this blog, i haven't been keeping it exactly up to date.

Talking about keeping things up to date, it is exactly what needs to be done witht he server.As you all probably know already a new update has been released for minecraft and thus the server needs to update, i will do that soon enough.It is just one of the reasons for the downtime.

If you visit the server frequently you should know that we have money plugins installed, but it isn't being used to it's full potentional, that is way i am going to install the NpcTraders plugin that will allow  players to buy and sell stuff to Npc merchants. i also am searching for a plugin that makes dynamic prices, i have seen one and it looks promising. There are also some other plugins coming but those won't have that much of impact on the server.

 Here is the best part: The server is getting a speed boost while we are migrating from 1.2 to 1.3.
I noticed players were having a lot of glitch-holes and i am going to try to improve that.
-Using a RAMDisk. This is basically a hdd on your ram memory. This will improve the read/write speed significantly and this will make sure there is less lag.
-More dedicated RAM for the server. This would speek for itself, the server has more data chunks in its memory and has to write/read fewer times, this improves performance.
-The brand new save system, i have heard that this improves performance, we will see when the server is up and running.
-MySQL database. previously we have been using flatfile for server logs and BigBrother(player logging).When we use MySQL we will have a slight speed increase.

We are going to have some kind of VIP system.(Coming soon!)

The people that donate at least 3 euros to the server will be recognized as VIPS. VIPS will have bonus features like using wormholes to get around, have access to building and mining kits and will have a fancy colored name.as VIP you will also help improve the server by improving  the uptime and they will also have my thanks ;). VIP status last for a month so a full year vip would be 36 euros, but you can ofcourse dontate whatever you like.

ChaosCraft is looking for moderators!

We are currently looking for moderators.
The average job of a moderator is to make sure there isn't being spammed,griefed or anything else what would be unacceptable or offensive. as a moderator you get the permission to kick and ban and you get all the vital permissions that you might need (teleporting,give commands,Bigbrother's magic stick to see who made what change.) Please don't ask if you can be a moderator, we will select them ourselves.
So what does it take to be a moderator?
Well, you need to be trustable and motivated. You will have to check up on new users and help them out with any questions they might have or if they are griefing ban them or kick them. You may make jokes while being a mod but just don't overdo it, you're here to moderate, not be a professional clown.

So basically this will be minecraft 2.0 when the server is back up, so to speak.
I really am not sure when exactly the server will be back up but i will guess it will take a few days. I am going to start working on the server tomorrow.


vrijdag 14 januari 2011

Temporary map

As you may have noticed we are currently on a new map. this is because no server wrapper is currently up to date with Minecraft beta 1.2.  and if we kept the 'normal' map, it would be an too easy target for griefing, as currently everyone can do everything, and there is no action logging. When the server mods are back up i will restore the original map. There is no estimated release date for the wrapper know yet, but i would guess it would take a week or so.


donderdag 13 januari 2011

ChaosCraft server

Welcome to ChaosCraft,

ChaosCraft is a small, little private Minecraft SMP server with friendly people building whatever they want. everyone is free to look around on the server but only members of ChaosCraft are authorized to build. ChaosCraft is currently in it's starting phase, but i hope this will eventually expand to something a bit larger. We currently are looking for new members and mods!

Sever info:
6 hours of uptime a day, from 6PM till midnight(GMT+1).
Running Hey0's mod. Vanilla for now.
Closely monitored by admins, anti-griefing plugins also installed.
An unlimited map to build on.
Monsters are by default ON and Pvp is by default OFF.

Sever rules:

-Don't build onto other people's work, or destroy them without their permission.
-Obey the Mods and Admins

Server Status:

i.p ChaosCraft.dyndns.org
Status: Operational